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Chrissa's Story

I‘m a wordsmith, idea collector, storyteller, and a lover of metaphors.  I specialize in bringing the abstract to life and distilling complex ideas into simple, relatable terms.

I help people bring their stories to life.


I’m fascinated by what makes us tick, what makes us feel deeply, and what makes us grow. You'll find a lot of my writing is about emotions, relationships, states of being, and finding magic in the mundane.


I am notorious for working out ideas in unconventional ways; sometimes that looks like pacing up and down a pine-lined street and speaking into a voice-recording app.


When I'm not writing, you can find me running, reading, or bounding down a conversational rabbit trail over coffee with a friend while wrapping words around all of my experiences.

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“Chrissa has a way with words that is very specific, simple, and succinct. Nothing too ethereal or abstract. Chrissa's language style feels modern chic with warm tones. It's clear, clean and precise without being overly complex or complicated. It feels easy and inviting. Safe and approachable."

Heidi, Flow Research Collective