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Hi, I’m Chrissa. As a kid, I used to tell people that I wanted to be an author and a “professional thinker.” Today,  I‘m a wordsmith, an idea collector, a dot connector, a storyteller, and a lover of metaphors.  I specialize in bringing the abstract to life, and distilling complex ideas into simple—and sometimes humorous—terms.


While I assist other people in writing about a variety of topics, my own articles are mostly spiritual, and practical in nature. I’m fascinated by what makes us tick, and what makes us grow. I write about emotions, relationships, states of being, productivity, friendships, and finding meaning by seeing the magic in the mundane. In 2019, I was trained by Steven Kotler, and the flow research collective in writing, productivity, and creativity.


Currently, I live in incline Village, Nevada where the beauty of the mountains never ceases to inspire me. I am notorious for working out ideas while roaming pine-lined streets and speaking out loud into a recorder. Aside from writing, I‘m a runner, a reader, and an endless explorer of rabbit trails. I’m passionate about curiosity, creativity, and wrapping words around experiences.

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“Chrissa has a way with words that is very specific, simple, and succinct. Nothing too ethereal or abstract. Chrissa's language style feels modern chic with warm tones. It's clear, clean and precise without being overly complex or complicated. It feels easy and inviting. Safe and approachable."

Heidi, Flow Genome Project


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